The current mission of the United States National Defense Corps is to provide municipalities, local government, state emergency management offices and federal agencies with trained and qualified personnel in response to natural or man-made disasters.  In addition, we will provide military honors as a nationally recognized Authorized Provider Partner (AP3), Veterans Service Organization for deceased veterans.


1.  To be available to the DOA, the Director of Military Support (DOMS) and the CG USAR as an organic unit of trained personnel in support of a Military Assistance to Civil Authorities (MACA) event. DOD Directive 3025.15.

2. To be at the disposal of the appointed DOD – senior military commander in a Defense Support of Civil Authority (DSCA) event – responding appropriately to disaster relief operations and civil support operations.

3. Provide support and augmentation to the US Army Reserve, and state military components in the execution of their missions in response to natural disasters, terrorism and the management of the consequences of a WMD incident.

4. Support the mobilization and deployment of USAR personnel; and if called, deploy with them to the areas of operation within CONUSA.

5. Assist in the development and execution of Alert and Mobilization plans.

6. The USNDC will train and drill monthly as authorized, with the USAR in its core competencies, and Military Assistance to Civil Authority (MACA) education, as prescribed in Training and Doctrine directives (TRADOC).

7. Be prepared to augment USAR personnel when assuming administration, logistical, and internal security and staff duties at many of the (approx) 125 Armed Force Reserve Centers.

8. Provide communications support to the Military Emergency Radio Network (MERN) and to the State Emergency Management Office (SEMO) telecommunications network.

9. Assign and train USNDC units, to assume command and control of designated military installations- if required – throughout each state.

10. Provide assistance to the USAR when they are participating in scheduled mobilization exercises (MOBEX), or when preparing to mobilize.

11. Provide qualified personnel to interface with the SEMOs and help man Tactical Operations Centers.

12. Provide personnel/units trained in FEMA IS-P, CERT, Medical / EMT, to support the SEMO.

13. Train to selected DOA regulations, directives and in accordance to field manuals for conformity and interface.

14. Participate in mission exercises with both military forces and State Emergency Management Offices in accordance with NIMS guidelines.

15. The USNDC will train its personnel to provide military honors for deceased veterans.

Marine's Son

16. The USNDC recognizes and will attempt to advance the benefits of all allies who served in combat theaters (overt or covert), which have been afforded US service people.

17. Perform other missions as assigned by the CG USAR to safeguard lives and mitigate damages.

18. Conduct missions to enhance the quality of life in our communities and for our citizens.

19. To train local civilian personnel in Preparedness Programs.