USNDC Application

Send all USNDC applications and renewals to:

USNDC Administration
P.O. Box 758, Eastlake, CO 80614-0758


  1. There is a $35 new USNDC membership fee and $25 annual renewal fee. The $35 new USNDC membership fee was approved by the USNDC Board of Directors and includes the cost/mailing of the "new membership kit" which includes the USNDC ID card, USNDC flash, USNDC (left) shoulder patch and USNDC name tape.

  2. Please fill out the USNDC membership application form, sign and mail it, along with a $35 check or money order made out to: HQ USNDC to your division or brigade commander for review and approval. The commander, in turn, will mail it to HQ, for processing.

  3. Please include two passport photos, one attached to the application and the second simply included along with the application.  You can also inquire about sending all the necessary content digitally.

  4. For USNDC membership renewals, please send a check or money order for $25  payable to: HQ USNDC and mail it to PO Box address for processing of your USNDC ID card with an updated expiration date.

  5. USNDC members and commanders are encouraged to consider sending 3-year renewal fees to help make the workload for the personnel in charge of processing applications easier and eliminate the annual extra effort for each member to repeat the annual renewal process each year.

  6. Each USNDC division or independent brigade commander has the authority to waive an annual 'renewal fee' for a member for unusual temporary financial hardship.


* Silver Life Membership:   $300.00
 * Gold Life Membership:  $500.00
 * Platinum Life Membership: $1,000.00 
 * Donations: $500 and $1,000


LIFE Members (including Board and former Board members in good standing)

COL Somxai Vue 
BG Sar Phouthasack 
BG Hauly C. Moua 
BG Ki Su Yim - Platinum
BG Tan Thach 
COL Fred Wolf
CAPT Samantha Fischer (USNDC Secretary)
BG Barry Keller

COL John Gay - Silver
Captain Joseph Dang - Silver
COL Sang Won Park, PhD - Silver
COL Rev Dr Sii Woo Chung - Platinum
COL Peter IK Yun - Silver
COL Rev Dr Abraham BM Choi - Silver
LTC Rev Dr Sarah EH Choi - Silver
COL Andre Suk - Silver
COL In-Kon Park, PhD - Silver
LTC Kum Ok  Yun - Silver
Captain Young H  Kim - Silver
First Leiutenant Will Kiho Lee - Silver
LTC Hyon U Yim - Silver
Major Yong Sup Baik - Silver