United States National Defense Corps
  • Disaster Relief
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  • Seek to establish a working relationship with those agencies in government, national, state and local, having the responsibility in the affairs of members of the various Armed Services and Veterans and to ensure that the program to which they are responsible are administered properly, fairly and justly to all members of the veteran community.
  • Study conditions pertaining to veterans and members of the Military Service and their dependents and/or survivors in the veteran community.
  • Serve as the center of information and veteran service officers training on matters affecting the members of the Active Military, Reserves, State National Guard Veterans and Dependents.
  • Maintain a repository of materials, information and forms to be used in assisting veterans and/ or dependents of veterans and military personnel with problems.
  • Receive and  take corrective actions on all complaints relative to acts of denial of earned benefits for all veterans and all dependents.
  • Prepare a confidential report on activities when requested by the Commanding General.